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The Sonya Looney Show

Hey everybody! My name is Sonya Looney and welcome to my podcast. For those of you who don’t have any context on me, I’m a plant-based World Champion ultra endurance mountain biker. I travel the world and have met some incredible people with world class attitudes and ways of living that motivate me daily, and I want to share their paths of mastery with you. This is a podcast interviewing inspiring leaders across the categories of wellness, endurance fitness, plant-based nutrition, mindset, and entrepreneurship to help you unlock the best and healthiest version of yourself.

Dec 31, 2022

David Block is the Founder & CEO of Previnex, a nutritional supplement company that is committed to using science, clinically-tested ingredients and going above and beyond the testing and production standards required in the industry.

Previously, David was a hedge fund manager focused on the health and wellness...

Dec 23, 2022

We met Sun Sachs, a long-time endurance athlete and software developer, CEO and Co-founder of Rewire Fitness, a mental fitness platform for athletes to avoid burnout by providing tools that improve mindset, readiness and resilience, and co-creator of, on a recent podcast about training your brain for...

Dec 16, 2022

Meghan J. Ward is an outdoor, travel and adventure writer, and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Meghan has written several books, as well as produced content for films, anthologies, blogs and some of North America‚Äôs top outdoor, fitness and adventure publications. As a consultant, she coaches...

Dec 8, 2022

This week, Sonya and Hannah sat down to answer your questions.

Sonya Looney is a professional mountain biker, Word Champion, 4x National Champion and has taken on and won the hardest endurance stage races and 100 milers around the world. She has her Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering, has completed...

Dec 2, 2022

Taking time to savor broadens how you view yourself and the world. Interestingly enough, savoring can have internal or external circumstances. I'll tell you about different ways you can add savoring into your day that is as simple as a quick shift in your focus.

Key Takeaways:

  • 3 ways to savor
  • Actionable ways to...