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The Sonya Looney Show

Hey everybody! My name is Sonya Looney and welcome to my podcast. For those of you who don’t have any context on me, I’m a plant-based World Champion ultra endurance mountain biker. I travel the world and have met some incredible people with world class attitudes and ways of living that motivate me daily, and I want to share their paths of mastery with you. This is a podcast interviewing inspiring leaders across the categories of wellness, endurance fitness, plant-based nutrition, mindset, and entrepreneurship to help you unlock the best and healthiest version of yourself.

Mar 21, 2024

Becoming a mother is a transformative experience, but for elite athletes like Amanda Basham, it also presents unique challenges when it comes to pursuing their dreams. I was honored to sit down with Amanda to hear her story of returning to competitive sports after having children and the profound lessons she's learned along the way.

Amanda is a professional trail runner and endurance coach with an inspiring path in the world of ultra running. We explore the profound changes in training, racing, and life schedules that come with becoming a mother, and Amanda shares her experiences returning to racing postpartum. From battling self-doubt to navigating the lack of support for postpartum athletes, Amanda sheds light on the often-overlooked struggles faced by mothers in athletics.

Together, we discuss strategies for managing disappointment, expectations, and the mental toughness required to persevere as both athletes and mothers. Plus, the complexities of co-parenting while pursuing elite sports, highlighting the importance of flexibility, communication, and self-care.


  1. Returning to sports after having kids is very challenging both physically and mentally.
  2. There is a lack of support for postpartum athletes from sponsors, races, and in general.
  3. Having a positive mindset and not giving up can help overcome mental hurdles.
  4. Flexibility and communication are needed to balance parenting and competing.
  5. Sharing real stories of challenge and success can inspire and support other mothers.


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